A partnership for all seasons…

…to spice up your business.

Season to Season is a privately owned, South African based manufacturer of flavours and seasonings who supplies a diverse range of food manufacturers within Africa and abroad. The company was founded in 2003 and has become a core supplier to a number of lucrative companies globally, this on the back of our FSSC ISO 22000 accreditation. Our flavours are customized to your specific requirements, so whether you want a Cheese for soft extrudes, a Tomato Chilli for Naks (Hard extrudes), a sophisticated Black Pepper and Sea Salt for your Potato Chips, or even a Beef Stock for your stew or soup – Season to Season will be able to create that winning formulation.

Over and above Snacks, our technical capabilities extend through Meat and Meal Solutions whereby we formulate batch packs, meat block systems, brines, coatings, rubs, marinades, tumble marinades and HVP’s to name a few. We also offer yeasts and bakery premixes for the Baking Industry. With our technical expertise we strive to supply a quality, cost effective superior product for your required market. Our in-house research and development team created “RedSalt” a cost effective sodium reduction technology system which means less salt in your products without compromising on the taste. To top this off we have a dedicated sensory division specialising in consumer insights, research and sensory analysis.

Season to Season strives to become an integral part of your business by providing innovative, quality, and cost effective products for your market. We believe that in partnering with us you will receive the unsurpassed, focused service you deserve.

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