A partnership for all seasons…

…to spice up your business.

Season to Season is a local manufacturer of dry savoury, sweet blends and wet sauces. We synthesise, develop and supply products to some of the top food and snack companies in South Africa.

We formulate batch pack and meat block systems for the meat industry. Other products and services in our stable include injecting brines, coatings, rubs, marinades and tumble marinades. We strive to supply cost effective ingredients like bakery pre-mixes, HVP’s yeasts and Angel instant dry yeast. Our in-house research and development team created RedSalt, which is a sodium reduction technology. This means less salt in your products without compromising the taste. We also have a dedicated sensory division specialising in consumer insights research and sensory analysis.

Season to Season aims to become an integral part of our customer business by providing high quality, innovative and cost effective products. All of the above might be a mouth full, but we believe that partnering with us will bring home the bacon.

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